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FAQ - Women's Health

What is considered day 1 of my cycle?

Cycle day 1 is the first day of flow, not necessarily the heaviest flow. Spotting doesn't count.

Who should be vaccinated with Gardasil (HPV vaccine)?

The target group recommended for vaccination is women between the ages of 12 - 26 years. In Manitoba, Gardasil is paid for by the provincial government for girls age 12 (grade 6 or 7). Contact your family physician, pediatrician or gynecologist to arrange for vaccination. 3 Vaccines are required within a 6 month time frame.

How often do I need a PAP smear?

It is recommended that routine pap screening should occur every 12 - 18 months for women above 18 years of age, or sooner if sexually active.

How do I manage break through bleeding on the birth control pill?

Initially it is recommended you stop the pill at the start of bleeding, for 7 days, to allow a proper withdrawal bleed. If bleeding continues, despite resumption of the pill, see your physician to discuss options.

When should I have a mammogram and how often?

In Manitoba, regular screening is offered to women, beginning at 50 years of age. If you have a family history of breast cancer, a mammogram may be done earlier. All women should perform regular self breast exams and report any changes to their physician.