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Fertility Services

Heartland Fertility and Gynecology Fees

Program Registration Fee (Non Refundable)
$ 550

The above fees are applicabe to the following ART programs

 Hyperstimulation and IUI

Therapeutic Donor Insemination(TDI)

 Ovulation Induction Program


1. If an individual is moved to another ART program there is no additional program registration or consent    signing fees.
2. If third parties are involved there is an additional program registration and consent signing fee.

Hyperstimulation and IUI

Oral medication (not including drug costs)
$ 600
Gonadotrophin medication (not including drug costs)
$ 800

Therapeutic Donor Insemination (TDI)

Donor Cycle Management (not including sperm)
$ 400
Donor Sperm Storage per year
$ 300

Ovulation Induction Program

Ovulation Induction (Per Cycle)   $300

Assisted Reproduction (see note 1 below):

IVF Cycle (Includes Confirmation) $600

ICSI   $1,500
ICSI Cycle with TESE/TESA   $1,800
Oocyte Donor IVF Cycle   $8,000
Oocyte Donor IVF Cycles with ICSI   $9,500
Gestational Carriere IVF Cycle   $8,000
Gestational Carrier IVF Cycle with ICSI   $9,500
Anonymous oocyte donor IVF cycle with ICSI (note 3)   $20,000
1. Assisted hatching fee of $400 is included in these tariffs  
2. For U.S. patients there is $1,500 patient surcharge per IVF cycle due to insurance and liability issues.  
3. This includes purchase and transport of eggs, blood karyotyping, semen function analysis, sonohysterogram, IVF with ICSI and cryopreservation.

Fertility Preservation

Oocyte Preservation Cycle (includes Freezing)   $6.100
Subsequent Thaw, ICSI, Embryo Culture & Transfer   $3,750
Oocyte Storage per Year   $300

Satellite Monitoring Program

Monitoring Registration Fee   $350
Cycle Monitoring for other Clinics, Each Blood Draw   $50
Cycle Monitoring for other Clinics, Each Ultrasound   $200



Embryo Freezing Lab Fee Including First Year of Storge


Frozen Embryo Transfer


Elective Single Frozen Embryo Transfer (1st Time Only)


and Subsequent FET


Frozen Samples Sent or Received Fee (Shipping Costs Not Included


Assisted Hatching


Embryo Co-Culture (where applicable)


Embryo Glue (where applicable)


Annual Storge of Embryos



Semen Functional Analysis
$ 300
Sperm Wash for IUI
$ 300
TESE/PESE Processing
$ 600
Sperm freezing per sample
$ 300
Annual Storage for Sperm
$ 300

Counseling & Consultation

$ 250
Counselling no show (offsite counselor)
$ 100
Additional Nurse Teaching/Counseling per Hour
$ 100


Tubal Ligation Reversal

Other Services

Ultrasound Monitoring
$ 100
$ 250
Letters, Reports
$ 75-150
Photocopying of medical files
$ 25-150
Prescription Renewals
$ 25
Phone Consultations/Conference Calls: per 10 min. (long distance charges extra)
$ 50
Courier charge
Current Rate
Duplicate Receipts
$ 10
Missed Appointments
$ 25-250

Fees for Uninsured Services related to Women's Health & Gynecology

As per Doctors Manitoba recommendations



Insurance Companies


Employment and Immigration