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Anonymous Oocyte Donor Program

Heartland Fertility & Gynecology Clinic has entered into a relationship with a renowned clinic in Spain for its anonymous oocyte donor program.

Spanish legislation makes egg donation in Spain anonymous and altruistic. Before a female donates to the egg bank, she undergoes a strict battery of tests, which include:

  • Medical, psychological and gynecological examinations
  • Blood and serological tests for infectious diseases
  • Karyotype testing and a study of her genetic history to rule out the most common hereditary illnesses.

The oocytes are donated by women, ages 18-34. The donor undergoes ovary stimulation to obtain a number of oocytes. The oocytes are immediately vitrified upon retrieval from the donor. They are quarantined for 180 days. They are shipped by air directly to the clinic in specialized containers.

Even if the donors are anonymous, patients can make request for certain criteria to which the donor is as closely matched as possible. The criteria include: hair colour, eye colour, height, weight, blood group and ethnic origin. A donor is chosen specifically for each patient based on these characteristics.

A minimum of eight (8) oocytes are guaranteed to prospective patients.

Once your stimulation cycle is started, all of the eggs received will be warmed for the current cycle. ICSI (intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection) will be performed on all the warmed eggs that survived using the spouse’s sperm or with donor sperm, according to the case. ICSI is mandatory for all cryopreserved egg donation cycle. ICSI does not guarantee 100% fertilization.

If fertilization is successful, one or two of the embryos created will be transferred to the patient or surrogate. A pregnancy test is performed approximately two weeks after the transfer. Any remaining   embryo of good quality not transferred will be cryopreserved for future use.