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Tests & Referrals

HEARTLAND Fertility & Gynecology Clinic is accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba and has been a practicing facility since 1997.

If you have a patient you feel may benefit from our services in fertility, women's health and/or minimally invasive surgery please download our referral form and fax along with relevant test results to us at 204.779.8877.


Ultrasound When referring a patient to HEARTLAND for infertility services, it would be helpful to have the results of the following tests:


   Cycle Day 2 - 4 FSH, estradial
   Cycle Day 21 - 24 Progesterone
   Operative Reports
   Ultrasound Reports
   Anti-Mulleran Hormone





Tests & ReferralsReferring a patient to HEARTLAND is an easy process and we recommend referring your patients earlier rather than later to give us the best opportunity to address their needs and help find a solution.

  Referral form (pdf)

General Information

Patients will generally be seen within 3 - 6 months of referral however requests for specific doctors may take longer.
More urgent appointments will be addressed accordingly.
HEARTLAND does accept patients from other provinces and countries.
If you encounter any difficulties in the referral process, please contact clinic managers at (204) 779-8888.

Sperm Testing

Advanced sperm analysis is available at HEARTLAND.
Screening Semen analysis is covered by Manitoba Health and is available at most labs.
Refer a patient if semen analysis is one or more of the following:

Less than 20 million/mL
Less than 40% motility
Less than 14% strict morphology

Fertility Preservation

HEARTLAND physicians and laboratory are on call for urgent sperm freezing for cancer patients.

Semen collection must take place prior to radiation, chemotherapy or surgical therapy.

Manitoba Fertility Tax Credit

40% tax credit for the cost of fertility treatments to a maximum of a $8000 refund per year (40% of $20,000)

When combined with existing medical expense credits from the province (10.8%) and the federal government (15%), this means a tax credit of up to 66%. (NOTE: this essentially means a 50.8% provincial tax credit for fertility treatments, which is on par with the 50% tax credit in Quebec)

Treatments at an accredited infertility treatment clinic in Manitoba are eligible (currently, Heartland is the only such facility). The tax credit applies not just to IVF, but rather to other treatments and prescription drugs prescribed by the accredited clinic for both women and men.

The tax credit is claimable on a calendar year basis.