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HEARTLAND provides medical services insured by Manitoba Health.

Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART) Program Patients

Before Your Consultation

Prior to coming to HEARTLAND for your consultation, there are some important steps for you to take to help us give you the best care suited to you.

Obtain a copy of your medical file, including results of any previous infertility test and evaluations. Please bring this to your consultation.

Initial Fertility Consultation

Your initial consultation at HEARTLAND is very important and comprehensive. Your physician will interview both you and your partner, take your complete medical history and you may be given a physical exam. Previous evaluations, tests and treatments will be discussed and new investigations may be ordered to determine the best treatment available for you.

Once your diagnosis has been confirmed and you have determined the course of action you and your partner want to pursue, a nurse interview will be arranged by our staff.


Infertility Consultation

Nurse Interview

Our nurses work together as a team.

After your initial interview with your physician, you will meet with one of our nursing team. You will get to know a number of the nurses during the course of your treatments. They are all available to you for support throughout your fertility treatment. A nurse will review and discuss the treatment options your physician has advised. Any questions you have in regards to timing of the treatment, medications or the actual process may be directed to your nurse. Together you will arrange a date for the treatment to begin.


Infertility can be a painful, emotional and exhausting experience. We encourage you to partake in counseling as you prepare for treatment and afterwards. Our counselor is available to help you through the trying and sometimes devastating roller coaster of infertility and to assist you with any ethical questions and concerns you may have.

Consent Forms

At the end of your initial consultation, both you and your partner will be asked to read and sign the consent forms pertaining to your treatment.


Phone Calls to the Clinic

Please be considerate and review all information you have received carefully, look to the website at for information and reserve your questions for your booked appointments.

Calls to the clinic can be quite time consuming and delay work adding to longer wait times.

If you feel you have an urgent question you can leave a message and we will endeavor to return your call as promptly as possible during regular office hours.

Charges may apply.


Compliments & Complaints

Should you have a compliment or complaint in regards to your care or service at HEARTLAND Fertility & Gynecology Clinic, we encourage you download and fill out the form below and submit it to our Office Managers.

If your complaint specifically relates to the professional practices of a physician or nurse, you may choose to contact the CPSMB or MARN respectively.

All complaints are entitled to a review process during which we will work with you to facilitate a timely and positive resolution. You may make the complaint yourself or give consent to someone to make it on your behalf.
  Compliment/Complaint form (pdf)