We are thrilled to have made the first round of re-openings and are very excited to be able to start getting back on course with your fertility journeys beginning Monday, May 11th. With that said, everyone’s health and safety are our priority, so our re-opening is going to be very gradual. The virus is still here and we have to take the necessary precautions to ensure we are practicing responsibly and according to all of the guidelines and recommendations. Below is important information regarding our re-opening:

  • We hope that all of you have had a chance to view the video message from Dr. McTavish and the slide show as many of our changes are outlined there. If you haven’t yet please see that information at the bottom of this page.
  • Our phone lines are going to remain closed for the time being as our resources are still very limited. You can reach us to book appointments or with questions at [email protected].
  • Virtual visits are still going to be our primary means of providing care. However, starting Monday May 11th, we will have one doctor seeing patients in clinic. We will evaluate as we go and add more in office visits as we are able to accommodate.
  • Provincial surgery and diagnostic testing restrictions are starting to ease up so we hope to be able resume those services soon, dates are still yet to be determined.
  • Treatment cycles are going to be limited to IVF with the recommendation of freezing all embryos until more information is available about the safety of COVID-19 in pregnancy.
  • We are following national guidelines and will hopefully be able to resume Frozen Embryo Transfer and Insemination programs in the coming months.

We are working very hard to get organized for the coming weeks. Thank you SO much for your patience, our staff will be in touch as soon as able!!

A Message from Dr. McTavish – Updated 4.20.20

As of today, in order to support our patients, we are continuing to provide virtual care as much as possible. If you have an appointment already scheduled with a doctor, please anticipate a phone call in place of the visit. You can reach a clinic staff member with questions or to book an appointment through [email protected], however our resources are limited so response time will vary. We understand that these are uncertain and stressful times, we want to reassure you that all frozen eggs, sperm and embryos are being closely monitored and well cared for during our closure.

Throughout this time our team has been working diligently to put measures in place in anticipation of re-opening Heartland Fertility and getting back to helping our patients.  We encourage you to listen Dr. McTavish’s short message and review the important information contained in the slideshow presentation.  Our website and Facebook page will continue to be updated as new information is made available. Protect yourselves, protect your loved ones and protect our community, remember that apart we are united in this fight.  We really look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Click Here to Learn More: Heartland Soft Reopening Plan

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