We are very pleased and excited about our partnership with Elite IVF who will be facilitating access to an array of egg donors with much ethnic diversity.  Elite IVF is a global network offering clients of Heartland Clinic a Frozen Embryo Program.

Elite IVF’s skilled patient coordinators will work closely with you to match you with an egg donor.  Once a match has been made, a sperm sample will be collected and frozen at Heartland Clinic and then shipped to the designated lab/clinic where the egg donor is preparing for a fresh donor egg cycle. The donor eggs will be fertilized with the transported sperm and cultured out to blastocysts.

A minimum of 4 frozen blastocysts will then be shipped back to Heartland Clinic where you will be preparing for a Frozen Embryo Transfer cycle. This process eliminates the risk of freezing and thawing delicate eggs as well as the need to travel outside of the province.

Please speak with your physician for further information.