Determining the Cause

During your first appointment, you will undergo a thorough examination to determine the potential causes of your infertility. The general work-up requires that you and your partner have certain tests, which will enable the physician to diagnose your condition and to offer you individualized treatment options.

Tests and Exams Likely to Be Performed

Tests & ExamsDefinitionsFor whom?
Vaginal culture and cervicovaginal smear work-up (PAP smear)A member of the medical team collects a sample of secretions taken from the patient's cervix for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and cervical screening (PAP smear).For her
Urology ConsultA consultation by a doctor that specializes in testicular functionFor him
Swim Up Semen AnalysisA more in depth semen test performed at Heartland Fertility Clinic that looks at the function and probability of sperm being able to fertilize eggs spontaneously or with Assisted Reproductive Techniques such as IUI, IVF or ICSIFor him
SonohysterogramAn ultrasound based examination during which a radio-opaque substance is injected through the cervix to study the patency of the Fallopian tubes and the shape of the uterine cavity.For her
Semen AnalysisAnalysis of a freshly ejaculated sperm sample done under the microscope or assisted by computer (CASA), to examine sperm motility, morphology and viability.For him
Physical examThe woman meets with a physician who performs a routine physical exam and a routine pelvic ultrasound.For her
LaparoscopyDay surgery which consists of two to three small incisions in the abdomen. One is generally made in the navel and the others in the right and left lower quadrants. A laparoscope (camera/telescope) is introduced into one of the incisions and is used to look at the woman's reproductive organs (uterus, Fallopian tubes, etc.) as well as to detect possible endometriosis.For her
Hysterosalpingogram (HSG)An x-ray of the uterus and fallopian tubes using a contrast dye to identify uterine or tubal anomaliesFor her
Endocrine testingBlood samples are taken to measure the different hormone levels prior to any treatment. Endocrine testing can also be used in cases of anovulation or when anomalies have been detected through the semen analysis.For her and For him
Blood workBlood samples are taken from each partner to analyze blood type and to look for syphilis, Hepatitis A, B and C and the HIV (AIDS) viruses and immunization against rubella among others.For her and For him

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Female Reproductive System