Frozen embryos have been used successfully in reproductive medicine for many years. While there is still no guarantee that every frozen embryo will result in pregnancy and a healthy baby, this option is currently the ost successful for preserving fertility. If a couple is in a long-term relationship or if the choice is made to use donor sperm, then embryo freezing will be recommended over freezing only eggs or sperm.

The freezing of embryos can be particularly useful in some situations:
• To possibly improve pregnancy outcomes.
• To avoid possible medical risks of ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome (OHSS)
• For a second pregnancy from the same IVF treatment
• When, for any reason, a fresh embryo transfer is not an option (social or medical reasons)

If you are interested in freezing embryos or in finding out more information, please have your family doctor or your gynecologist send our fertility specialists a referral on your behalf. Our referral form is quick to fill out and easily accessible through the following link –