We are reaching out to check-in and reassure you that we are still here riding out the storm with you. We are continually evaluating and assessing the COVID-19 situation and making decisions about the program as it evolves. We fully acknowledge how challenging and disappointing having to pause your dreams of family is. We want to reassure you that we will transition back to providing in-person care as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.  All of the fertility programs across Canada, along with our Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society, are working together feverishly and around the clock to plan and prepare for when and how our programs re-open.

In order to continue to protect the health and well-being of you and our staff, as well as to plan and implement proper safety measures for our transition back, we have decided to continue to provide virtual visits through until the end of May. (We do hope to slowly start the transition back prior to that though so please continue to check our Facebook page and our website for updates!)

We have added some resources below for those that are looking for some additional support. Remember too, that if you need us you can find us at: [email protected] or [email protected]

We miss you all and hope that everyone is staying safe and well!


Our biggest priority at Heartland Fertility Clinic is to ensure and maintain the health and well-being of our patients, our staff and our community. In order to protect all of our people during this pandemic, our office is now temporarily closed. In order to support our patients, we are continuing to provide virtual care as much as possible. If you have an appointment already scheduled with a doctor, please anticipate a phone call in place of the visit. If necessary, you can reach a clinic staff member through [email protected], however our resources are very limited so response time will vary. We understand that these are uncertain and stressful times, we want to reassure you that all frozen eggs, sperm and embryos are being closely monitored and well cared for throughout our closure.

We are continually evaluating the situation and will resume operations as soon as safely possible. Our website and Facebook page will be updated as new information is made available. Protect yourselves, protect your loved ones and protect our community, remember that apart we are united in this fight.  Please listen to Dr. McTavish’s full message here.


Although we fully appreciate how stressful this time is, we kindly ask and stress, that if you are experiencing ANY cold or flu symptoms or have traveled ANYWHERE by plane or boat in the last 30 days that you PLEASE call the clinic before coming in so we can determine if your appointment needs to be rescheduled. Although we desperately miss seeing all of you, we are trying our best to protect and maintain the health and well-being of the few staff we have kept onsite. These staff members are working so hard to keep our phone lines open for you so PLEASE help us be able to continue to provide what support we still can by respecting the self-isolation requests. If you are unsure just give us a call!! Thank you in advance from your Heartland Family”

At Heartland Fertility Clinic we are very committed to the health and safety of our patients and our staff. Our phone lines remain open for our patients wanting or needing to speak with a nurse, doctor or assistant! For anyone who isn’t a patient yet but feels that they may require our services, we are temporarily waiving the need for a physician referral. In order to save you from having to present to your clinic during this pandemic, just give our office a call and we will book you a telephone consultation with one of our fertility specialists!

Like all of you, we have been monitoring the impact and updates on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and are constantly surveying the recommendations from the CDC (Centre for Disease Control), Doctors Manitoba/Shared Health as well as Health Canada. Effective immediately, in an attempt to do our part to slow transmission, we will not be seeing patients in clinic. Until further notice, all scheduled consultation and follow up appointments will now be conducted over the phone. Our staff will be contacting those of you that are booked over the next few weeks to ensure we have the best phone number to reach you. You can still book new appointments, with the understanding that you are booking a conference call.

As there is so much that still remains unknown about COVID-19 and pregnancy outcomes, we also feel it is necessary to pause In Vitro Fertilization, Insemination and Frozen Embryo Transfer treatment cycles for the time being. We will be constantly re-evaluating and will resume the program as soon as safely possible.

We thoroughly understand the impact and the disappointment these precautions and requests have; however, in order to manage risks associated with this pandemic, your understanding and co-operation is imperative and appreciated.