You and your partner will be asked to read and sign the consent forms pertaining to your treatment. These forms do not commit you to any form of treatment, but let us know of your informed and voluntary choice. All consent forms are signed in the presence of your physician, allowing you to clarify any questions or concerns you may have.

Consent forms must be signed before treatments progresses. Click to download consent forms below.

COVID-19 Waiver


Third Party Consents

Hyperstimulation IUI Consent

Gestational Carrier FET Consent

IUI Consent

Gestational CarrierBiological Parents FET Consent

Ovulation Induction IUI Consent

Oocyte Donation Release IVF Consent

TDI Consent

Oocyte Donation Recipient Consent

Gamete Disposal

Transfer Gametes to/from Clinic

Cryopreserved Embryo Disposal

Embryo Transfer Out Consent

Sperm Disposal Consent

Embryo Transfer In & Storage Consent

Donor Sperm Disposal

Donor Sperm Transfer Out Consent

Genetic Testing

Sperm Transfer In & Storage Consent

PGT-A Consent Form

Donor Sperm In & Storage Consent

PGT-M Consent Form

Sperm Transfer Out Consent


PGT Disposal


Fertility Preservation

IVF Consent 

Sperm Cryo Use Consent

IVF consent addendum

Gamete Cryopreservation Form

ICSI Consent

Fertility Preservation IVF

Embryo Cryopreservation Consent

Gamete Cryo Alternate Contact

Frozen Embryo Transfer Consent

Phone Calls to the Clinic

Please be considerate and review all information you have received carefully.  Please reserve your questions for your booked appointments.

Calls to the clinic can be quite time consuming and delay work adding to longer wait times.

If you feel you have an urgent question, you can leave a message and we will endeavor to return your call as promptly as possible during regular office hours.

Charges may apply.